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How to maintain the induction faucet?

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How to maintain the induction faucet?

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Cleaning method for induction faucet:


  1, only with clear water drift, with soft cotton cloth wipe dry faucet;


  2, do not use any abrasive effect of cleaning, emery cloth or paper towels; 3, do not use any acid-acting cleaning;


  Polished abrasives, or rough cleaning of the relief or soap.


  4, if the need for a large number of cleaning work, please follow the following procedures:


  5, the induction faucet uses the water and the soft cloth, as far as possible clears the surface dirt and the scale film;


  6, use any of the following cleaning to remove surface dirt and fouling film;


  7, temperature colorless glass cleaning ji, not abrasive and can completely dissolve the powder cleaning ji (and according to the manufacturing instructions mixed) 8, does not contain the abrasion effect the polishing liquid.


  After cleaning, please clear all the cleaning with clear water, and wipe dry with soft cotton cloth.


  9, the regular removal of the head bubbles, and cleaning, remove impurities, so as not to affect the effluent


  Daily maintenance of induction faucet:


  1. Use only clear water or colorless mild detergent and wipe with soft cloth.


  2, the induction window part please keep clean surface must not have the stain and the scale film.


  3, the sensor window flashing red light does not need to replace the new battery.


  4, regular cleaning filter.


  Common Failures and solutions:


  Today, whether foreign-induced faucet brand or domestic faucet brand, its working principle is similar, its core components are infrared sensors and solenoid valve coil, its common failures and maintenance methods are as follows: 1, induction faucet does not water: first determine whether the power supply is normal, now the main power supply mode for the AC 220V transformer 12V and 6V, DC power 6V (seventh or fifth alkaline battery four) and DC 3V (two seventh or fifth alkaline batteries), with the hand in front of the infrared window to observe whether there are indicators, Part of the induction Faucet brand's infrared window is controlled by Single-chip microcomputer, power led in the Water Control section (installed in the basin below), if no response, then the initial judgement of the induction part of the fault, can be replaced by infrared probes, in this side of the proposed failure to judge the user, if there are other normal induction faucet, you can use the elimination method,


  The first part of its infrared plug in the faulty Faucet water control section, so it is easy to determine whether the induction part of the fault or the water control part of the solenoid valve fault, while paying attention to all plugs are not contact with bad or damp possibility. 2, induction faucet closed water: the exclusion of the sensor window before the foreign body (sensor principle is as long as there is an object in the range of Infrared induction machine response) and the indicator light is normal, check the water control part of the inlet filter is silt or other debris jams, such as clean and clean, if not resolved, please take apart the solenoid valve, Cleaning the spool of the coil, spring, diaphragm and so on, such as the original load back, such as the water is not closed to explain the solenoid valve is bad, replace the new solenoid valve can be.


  There's a experience here, closed water situation, with the hand induction, such as the discovery of water to become large, the hand is still closed after leaving the water, but the amount of water than the use of small, this shows that the solenoid valve without fault, just according to the above method to clean the solenoid valve can be used normally. 3, induction faucet out of the small amount of water: on the one hand, whether due to the water pressure and the flow of the pipeline small, on the other hand to check whether there are impurities in the filter network, also consider the pipeline is now using PPR, part of the construction of pipe joints using hot melt, do not rule out hot melt over the pipe deformation, The amount of water that passes through the pipe becomes smaller.

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